Tuesday, January 1, 2008

Mom's View of Credit Cards

While I was busy playing one night, I saw mom busy preparing some papers which I heard will be used in her credit card application. I heard him talking to dad and told him that she will be applying for credit cards which were supposedly for the purpose of getting paid through Paypal. Mom is a certified blogger but all of her earnings were saved only in Paypal so she can’t encash it outright. So mom was thinking that if she could finally have a credit card, she’ll able to withdraw the money and transferred it to the credit card. The next day she submitted the necessary requirements for fast approval. That’s what they have promised mom. But as far as I can remember, the processing lasts for a month before mom found out that her application was rejected. Well, according to them, the reason as to why they rejected mom’s application was the inconsistency of the information disclosed by mom and the person who answered the telephone at home.

Hmmm… it seems that mom had just wasted her time for that. I’m so happy to know that despite the bad luck, she still managed to have an EON unionbank account where she is receiving the money due for her. On that day, mom promised not to entertain credit card offers and considered it just a thing of the past. But now, I heard her again talking about credit cards hahaha! She said that she found a good read that talks about credit cards. Most probably, mom can’t help but to read what the site is into. It was actually one way the Capital One is a credit company that may change mom’s personal view on credit card application.

I just hope and pray that may mom finally get a credit card so she can buy me more and more chocolates and clothes.