Thursday, November 15, 2007

Naughty Kiddo

Mom and I for a naughty shot!

Monday, November 12, 2007

My Uncle Jom-Jom and I

My uncle jom jom and I...
I always love to play with him although he teases me most of the time.
Many say that I look like him except for the complexion hahaha!
I actually have seen his photos when he was just a kid, and I can say that ahm..ok fine, lolz!

Saturday, November 10, 2007

Bendyk at 2

This post could have been posted a few days ago, but mom was super busy so it’s just now that I’m able to tell you guys that I already turned 2 last November 5. The celebration was not really as extravagant as what I had a year ago on my first birthday. Actually, mom told me earlier that we would be celebrating my birthday with only the three of us, mom, dad and I. She told me that adeee would like to cherish my birthday with no hassles. Adeee hates the idea of rushing to the market to buy something to cook, cook a lot of kilos to complete the menu, prepare the tables and chairs, plates and condiments, decorations, and all. With all the initial preparation in mind could have really left mom and adeee exhausted. Come to think of it, you’ve already exerted all the effort on the party preparation, and yet you still have to do the cleaning after the party, sigh!

Mom also added that they really want to feel the essence of my birth, so disturbance by any means is out of the topic.

Here’s how mom and adeee made me one of the happiest ‘lil kiddo on earth…

Prior to my birthday, mom bought me a dozen of colorful balloons and hanged them all over the bedroom. She even tied 3 balloons with a metallic green ribbon attached on it. If my memory serves me right, there were 2 groups of 3 balloons on the walls, 1 group was hanged on the corner, above mom’s computer, 3 balloons lined on the curtain’s string, and one balloon with its metallic green ribbons hanged on the wall.

I was so happy and excited when I saw her and adeee working on the balloons. I felt really special whenever they do me favors. So I’d often give them kisses and hugs in exchange for the love they are showering me. When I grow older, I’d give them more than just kisses and hugs to show how I treasured them as my parents.

Before they went to sleep at 12:02 a.m., they first kissed me and whispered to my ears, “Happy birthday baby! We love you!”

The next morning when I woke up at around 7:00 a.m., I heard them singing a Happy Birthday song, and when I checked them, it wasn’t only mom and dad who were there, but also mima, dadu, uncle jom-jom and uncle bon. I told myself that since birth I am already feeling this special treatment from these loving people. They didn’t grow tired in continuously loving me. Thank you so much!

Mom had to go to work so we left early to drop by to my great grandpa and grandma’s house. These people, including my mom’s aunts and uncles, mom’s cousins, always love to see me. I feel really blessed right from the start, lolz! After being passed from one’s arms to another, we then rode on a jeepney. Mom went to the office, while Adeee and I went to Mama’s (adee’s grandma) house where once again, I have to be kissed and hugged so tightly by mama and adeee’s cousins. I’m used to it, though.

I thought that my birthday would just end that way. At 5:30 p.m., mom arrived, and the three of us headed to the mall. We had a Jollibee treat, where I had my fave French fries, saucy spaghetti, Coke and choco sundae. Mom munched on her saucy spaghetti, French fries and Swirly Bitz-oreo (her favorite), while adeee had his chicken with spaghetti and coke. My mom was trying to capture pictures of us, but I accidentally spilled my Coke so adeee asked the cellphone from my mom and told us that we just have to focus on our food. Hmmm…camera shy, lolz!

So right after bulging our stomach with very delicious treats from bababeee, we then headed upstairs. Mom and dad attempted to buy tickets for the bump car ride, but sad to say, the lady in the booth did not permit me to ride with them. We have no other choice so I just rode on the train. It was really exciting seeing my dad and mom waving for me as I passed by them. Right after the train, we went to the World’s of Fun where I had fun riding on different rides. Mom and dad also had played the arcade, and the winner was of course, my adeee! Poor mommy hehehe!

Before we left the place, I first stood on the dance revo floor where I had my great moves. I really had a great time with my mom and dad. I thought that we’ll be going home already. But to my surprise, mom and dad still bought a cake for me, a number 2 candle, a grilled chicken and ice cream. Hmmm….Is the celebration not yet over?

When we arrived home, I saw mima, dadu, uncle jom-jom and uncle bon-bon preparing foods. So there I found out that the celebration is really not yet over. I was already full, but when I saw all of them including my mom and dad, I still wanna crave for more hehehe! It was just a simple family dinner party, but just the thought of their efforts makes me feel more loved. So I wanna say “Thank you!” for the love you are all giving me.

Friday, November 9, 2007

The Enfakid