Saturday, July 18, 2009

Boost Sales with Facebook

You really need a website first, and then you can drum up business via the Facebook epoch.

It takes almost no effort to make sales via the Facebook method. Since people aren't watching television and listening to the radio like they used to, businesses need to explore the new types of emerging businesses.

You can post as much as possible, which is a great way to engage the audience that you might have on Facebook. Get as many likes as you can and then build up from there.

Link everything that you can think of. Facebook's threaded comments make it a much better tool than Twitter for interacting with your fans. Having all your replies in one place makes conversations much more natural. Try to keep up with the responses as well, as these can all be potential actuations to your website.

Facebook fan pages are another great way to generate sales and energy. There are some easy ways to promote your page. Of course add the widget on your sidebar. But did you know you can even post it anywhere you need it on the web? It can be where you want it all the time.

If you have someone stop by the fan page, they can click the "like" button. Attach the Facebook "Like" button to your blog, newsletter, home page of your website, or anywhere else online.

Use these tips to generate more leads and traffic. There are many social networking websites, but Facebook is currently the leader in users and buzz.

Your updates will link to your friends' walls to show them what you are doing. Create contests that can run within Facebook maybe your campaign would push all contest entrants to Facebook. Then you could even move on to other things like referrals that get you into the game.

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