Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Online Business Brand

The Internet is great way to brand you business & generate countless traffic to your website. A fantastic way to do this is by using Social Networking.

There are several Social Networking Sites they include:

1) Facebook
2) Twitter
3) Article Writing
4) EzineArticles

To brand yourself with the above Social Networking Sites, put a link to your website, as a Hyperlink so the customer can just click on the link to go to your site.


What you need:

1) An account.
2) In your profile add What you do, your website links & a mission & vision statement & a photo of you.
3) Search for people who are currently working, self-employed, (plumbers, builders etc), Internet marketers. (Facebook will only allow you to add 20-25 friends a day so you may want to consider opening several a/cs.
4) Update your status as often as you possibly can, 3-6 times a day.
5) Like everything.


What you need:

1) Followers
2) Update your status as often as you can


What you need:

1) An Account
2) An article to write

When you write an article ensure that it relevant to your niche/market. When you go through the setup in the Author box, put what you do & a link back to your website.

Keep your Articles to a maximum of 500 words. Choose your Keywords before you start writing your articles, your keywords should be in the title.

When writing your article the way to do this is to

1) Write from experience


What you need:

1) An account
2) Camcorder

What to video?

A video profile that you can add onto your lead capture page (your website). A video of any articles that you've written, when you write an article, do a video on it.
Videos on:

1) Personality.
2) Helpful - Teaching, coaching, software etc.

The other way to brand yourself is - Google AdWords Pay-per-Click(PPC).

These are all FREE ways to brand your business & FREE ways to generate traffic your website.

Google AdWords allow you to advertise your business. When you set-up your account you will be asked to enter a daily budget, this will determine how many times a day your add will appear on Google. You'll also been asked to enter the amount you want to pay when someone clicks on your ad, this called Pay Per Click(PPC).

When writing your ads use the AIDA model:

1) Attention - Get the users attention, this needs to be done in the headline.
2) Interest - Get there interest with in a couple of sentences underneath the headline.
3) Desire - Get the users desire to find out more.
4) Action - The action that the user needs to take next (visit {your website})

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