Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Fashionable Eyeglasses

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Sunday, July 6, 2008

Tax or No Tax

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Cyber Relationship

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HammeRuler - The Commercial

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Tuesday, July 1, 2008

SEO Techniques for Web Designers

1. Try to focus on plain websites. It loads quickly and easily crawl by search engines.

2. Choose page name relevant to the page content and should be human-friendly. If a page provides seo tips for webdesigners then it should be webdesigners-seo-tips.html not 16.html or webdesigners55.html. Also avoid underscore, use hyphen between the words.

3. The page should be content rich and keep the content inside the P tag.

4. Avoid use of table. If possible replace the table using div.

5. Optimize the images used on the website. It will help to increase the loading speed of images.

6. Add alt tags to the images and it should be relevant to the images.

7. Avoid use of javascript. The javascript creates problem in crawling the pages by search engines. Use external javascript file.

8. For better navigation, use bread crumbs. For example Home >> Tips >> Web Designer Tips.

9. Create sitemap for a website. It help robots to go to any page from this page.

10. Donot add CSS in the web pages. It will make a web page heavy. Use external CSS file.

11. Remove useless text from the page like comments text.

12. Avoid use of frame.

13. Use text navigation instead of image navigation. Text navigation will help users and search engines to navigate easily and it will help to increase ranking of the page in the search engines by a particular keyword used as anchor text.

14. Keep the page size not more than 30-50 kb.

15. Use heading tags for the target keyword of the page and also for the heading of the page.

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