Sunday, August 22, 2010

Social Rapport Online

In any type of business whether offline or online it is essential to build a rapport. Not just any rapport will do today, building a social rapport is just as important. Now you may be wondering what I mean by that well, let me tell you. Social networking is essential in any business and as I have mentioned it truly isn't anything new, merely the way it is approached is new. Referrals has always been a quintessential means to building your business and building your rapport as well. Online social rapport is a bit more difficult but it is possible.

When you meet a person you are able to build a rapport by your words, your look, your outward appearance and essentially by the people who speak about you. Your social rapport is essentially built in the same manner. Some may be intrigued with your mannerisms and your approach to building your business while others will not be. We will only try to focus on those who are intrigued. Let's face it, we can not please everyone so why try? It is important to not forget who you are! Your social rapport is closely rapped into who you are, and who you are trying to portray both online and offline. The essence of your social rapport will come from the REAL you! Are you trying to help others? Are you truly concerned with them? Are you trying to build a relationship? Or are you merely trying to make easy money? Yes, I said it! If you are merely trying to make money, let me tell you that you may make it but not for long.

The most successful people I know are concerned with who they help. They are concerned with the individual, not the dollar signs attached to such individual. Building a social rapport, is essentially building a harmonious relationship. A relationship that will benefit both, not merely one. What are you doing to build your social rapport? Having difficulties? No need to worry, that is what I am here for. Because of this very reason, I am developing a wonderful system that will help you build your relationships that will lead to filling your stadium. Yes, you too can be a ROCK STAR! For now, concentrate on being YOU, and not trying to be something or someone that you are NOT! Believe me, it won't work and if it does, it won't last.

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