Wednesday, August 22, 2007

I Got a New Bike

It was saturday afternoon when Dadu and Mima visited me at Mama's house. I was really surprised since I seldom see dadu around. He's been traveling a lot lately. So when I saw him, I hurriedly ran after him and gave him a very tight hug. I missed him so much. What surprised me more was the red bike he brought for me which carries my favorite Jollibee meal (large french fries, burger and spaghetti).

I've been dreaming to have a bike since, but mom wouldn't buy me one because she's been thinking that I am still too young for that and I might just fall and get injured. Well, she doesn't have any choice but to let me ride that bike. I was really grateful for having it as my grandpa's pasalubong for me.

So you would often see me starting my day riding on my red bike. I promised to take care of it. I don't know until when, but as much as possible I'll treasure it for many years to come, which I failed to promise to my big and boyish stroller (adeee's gift for me when I was just 4 months old). Mima recently gave it to her baby niece because she thought that I no longer need it.

But from now on I promise to treasure every gift I receive from people who love me dearly...

I'll be posting photos of my bike soon...