Friday, April 18, 2008

Dating Advice For Women: Lighten Up And Give Him A Chance

Contrary to popular notions held by women today that there just are not enough good men left to date, evidence that is available points out that such is not the case. The ideal man could be someone that has a good career as a teacher or electrician and who is over five feet seven inches in height, is athletic or even huggable and who likes to cook, dance and hike as well as watch movies.

Look For Honesty And Monogamous Males

The best dating advice for women would be to look for such men, who in any case are also looking for a loving relationship and who view monogamy positively and who, also pride them on being honest. You would also be well advised in looking for a partner that is not too much older or younger than you since such men would also want the same things as you do.

Another important dating advice for women is to give the man a chance because it is a common complaint among men that women just don’t give them a chance, and it is quite common for men to be refused by women that have sought men out through dating services without even having spoken to the man or responded to communicate with the man any further. This kind of behavior on the part of women can leave men dazed and bewildered and also very frustrated.

The next piece of dating advice for women worth considering is to not judge the book by its cover and look beyond appearances and looks. Often, women may complain that they only are rejected because of their looks and men do not take enough time to get to know them better, and the same holds good in the case of men being rejected by women. The best dating advice for women is that they should select their partner not just on physical attraction, because this a common trap that most women easily fall into and that is why matchmakers don’t show photographs of prospective partners in the beginning.

It also brings up an important point about the cost to women in rejecting men based on superfluous attributes, and unfortunately the cost may be quite high and it is a common reason why they often miss the boat.

It is a much better idea to profit from dating advice for women and expand the horizons by looking for more desirable qualities in men such as finding someone who fits well and who maybe also has a warm heart, or who has communication skills of a better kind. Women should also look for education as well as honesty and because women in this present age are more independent, they do not need to worry too much about emotional support or even the financial status of the partner.

It is also worth paying attention to another good dating advice for women and that is it pays to get to know the man and sharing a glass of wine or engaging in light conversation and sparing an hour or so of her time to know the other person from the inside is worth more than simply accepting or rejecting a man based on his physical attributes.

Today, dating is filled with many opportunities and according to sound dating advice for women, you need not be so hung up on expecting very high standards of the prospective male and it is much better to give the other a chance and even say ‘yes’ when someone meets minimum criteria even though he may not be an ideal person, but could still make an excellent partner. There is not much you would lose and plenty that you could gain.