Saturday, June 28, 2008

Cisco Certification

Becoming successful is every person’s ultimate dream. I for one considers myself a dreamer who take pride of myself up to the point that I always want to be optimistic in everything I do, which I know is the only best way to help me achieve my dreams in life. Yes, I am a dreamer and no one can take that away from me. Dreaming is free, but I make it a point that I live up to my set goals so as not to get destructed of what I do, what I am thinking, and anything that is related to my dreams.

There are times that I feel low and hopeless. I wanted to scream, but optimism has always been my armor, helping me fight the negative vibes that are trying to attack me bit by bit. I make sure that in everything I do, I always give it my best shot. It keeps me standing still, encouraging myself to work for my future, reach for my goals.

I may be talking in riddles at this point in time. But I guess, the gist of my wit is outspoken enough to be understood. No matter how far-reaching my dreams are, I know that time will come that I will finally achieve it. Never stop dreaming that’s what I’ve been telling myself for several times since. I am just grateful enough that I didn’t give up or else I won’t be able to learn more about the Cisco Systems.

I heard a lot of success stories referring to the training programs that these people had grabbed from Cisco. They hand their trainees a Cisco certification that certifies them as professionally trained by Cisco and that these successful trainees were able to gain the best knowledge which they can use to go on with their dreams, reach for it and be on top of their dreams.

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