Thursday, February 28, 2008

Love and Hate Tag

1. I love to eat: anything sweet like choc'lets, choc'let ice cream, choc'let cake, Jabee spag, and a lot more
2. I hate to eat: bitter coz I'm not bitter hahaha!
3. I love to go: to seashore during sunset
4. I hate to go: to crowded and noisy place (disco bar).
5. I love it when: I have new stuffs (wardrobe, techie, etc.).
6. I hate it when: our home, especially the bedroom is messy.
7. I love to see: green surroundings.
8. I hate to see: her.
9. I love to hear: When God Made You and The First Time I loved Forever (These remind me of something special).
10. I hate to hear: my backstabbers.