Monday, January 14, 2008

Cash Solution

At the end of December 2007 was the expected release of our Leave Credits, but sad to say it didn’t come on time. According to them, it will be released on the fifteenth of January. But hey, it’s already the sixteenth of January. We were notified just yesterday that the release for our leave credits is again moved on the thirtieth of January. Is this some kind of a joke? Are they fooling us?

I was really expecting the money since New Year. I have something to buy for that, but heck, it was postponed again. So now I’m broke and thinking on where I can find cash at this time. My money from paypal is still on the process. It’ll come probably next week and I needed cash this time.

As I drifted my thoughts on it, I decided to search over the net and found a good read that talks about payday advance. I was astounded at first since it’s new to me. Never did I realize that there’s such a thing on the net that offers payday loans.

Hmmm…is this better than what we have at the office? I guess, they are much quicker in releasing funds than our accounting department. If you also need a backup for delay salaries, you better check on this too.