Wednesday, January 9, 2008

Job in your Hiring

One of the saddest parts in my entire work history is missing my very close friend. She finally decided to leave her job. And that also means, leaving us, her constant companions at work. Reasons which I cannot disclose here must come from her, that is, if you are really a friend of her.

Many were surprised of the quick decision which we (her friends) least expected to be as quick as it is. But whatever the reasons she has, we are always be your friends whom you can lean on anytime. For sure, you’ll be missing us just like what we do now. It was really hard for us (your friends) to see you out of this place. We will be missing the giggles and laughs we shared with you most of the time. But things do really change so you must not lose hope. There are more opportunities ahead of you. And I just wish that wherever you go, whoever will be your new set of friends, our friendship will still be the same as what we have started.
More good things are bound to happen for you and your family. Looking things positively will allow you to find what God has something for you. And because you decided to finally end your career with us, may you be able to find a new career that will help you improve yourself more. Should you decide to work again, you may start seeking for another career, and a recruiter over the net will help you find one. Many companies better than what you had been to, are hiring employees more often. hiring you will surely be a wise decision for them. I wish you all the luck in your job search. If you still hadn’t grab the offer of ABS-CBN, you may find options to choose from over the site.