Thursday, January 24, 2008

Engagement Rings

I was still in high school then when I’ve become fascinated of stones. I used to collect stones from different beaches I’ve been to. I don’t know what’s with them that I really like about. Perhaps their color captured my interest. I find them amazing since they are not man-made; they seem born under the sea. Well, it makes me wonder how they were really formed.

Since I’ve been talking about stones, let me tell you too that the first time I ever seen an aquamarine, it already captivated my interest. Until I found out that it’s actually my birthstone. If you were also born on March, we have the same birthstone—an aquamarine.

Now that I am living with the father of my son, expect wedding bells ringing so soon hahaha! Although he hasn’t yet given me an engagement ring, but he promised me that he’ll be giving me one soon. Hope so, hehehe!

I suggest my birthstone as his engagement ring since I haven’t own one yet. And I also suggested that he may take a look at what has to offer. The site is known for jewelry and they cater almost different kind of stones for your engagement, wedding, or just a simple present for your moms, sisters, and special ones. So if you still can’t find the best jewel for your fiancé, you may take a look at what they have for you. For sure, your soon-to-be bride or girlfriend will love it.