Tuesday, January 1, 2008

Financial Solution

I heard mom talking to dad. She said that her day the other week wasn’t that nice as before because of the issue on Income Tax Return. Almost everyone knows that the tax refund is given at the end of the year so mom was expecting to receive her refund. In the office, according to her, many are complaining why their company did not give most of them the pay they deserve to have.

I know how mom feels. It is really unfair to have given your share, and yet your share isn’t given so timely. Worst, their company didn’t promise them that they will be given what is due for them. Hmmm…I smell something fishy on that issue. The HR even explained to them that only those employees who updated their status will receive the refund. So do they suggest that everybody has to bear a child now or to get married?

My mom also explained \that she had updated her status. She was actually asked by the assistant HR months before December on what status she is now. And mom can’t understand why they (employees) have to settle those things, when in fact it’s the duty of the admin.
So due to this unfair management, mom expressed her angst by browsing the net where she found a chance to avail the payday loans or the cash advance if time comes that the management will once again hold the money due for the employees.