Saturday, January 19, 2008

Wine Rack

We may have something in common. You are probably guessing what’s our common denominator is. Well, let me tell you that it’s having fun when you’re with circle of friends. Oh, how I miss those fun times when I was still a teenager. You’d often see me hanging around with my friends, mostly at the bars in the city. Yes, drinking spree is what we loved to do then. And it’s not just the wine that we indulge with but also the different stories of our friends which may be sad or happy stories, but we always end the night with laughter that almost echoed around the vicinity.

Perhaps, you’ve been missing those days like I do. But everything has to end. And on my part, those fun moments with my friends had ended when I got pregnant. It doesn’t mean that I regretted on becoming a mom. It’s far different from missing with friends. Since I never want to be called as irresponsible mother, I set aside barhopping and I focus my time caring for my baby while I do my share to create a wonderful family.

And now that I cannot go out with friends whenever I want to, I just considered that being with my family is good enough to be called as happy moments and I’m sure that it’s forever as compared to being with friends. However, we do not limit ourselves to take away the fun that we used to have then. And hubby and I are actually planning to have a bar built in our house so we could still have a drinking spree, but this time at home. So to make it a real bar, we are planning to buy for some wine accessories. And of course, they must be coupled with Wine Rack. It’s a good thing that I found an ideal source for all these bar accessories, such as wood and metal wine racks as well as wine accessories. Sooner or later, hubby and I will share a toast of cheers as we baby-sit our kiddo hehehe!