Thursday, January 24, 2008

Hotel Reservations and Discounts

Have you ever felt being so sick and tired of the things that you used to do? I must admit that I really can’t focus well on my work and other things that need my attention. And at this hour, I am already thinking of filing a resignation letter from my current job. I don’t know, but I badly needed a rest. It seems that everything on my mind is scattered of so many thoughts. And it will be my first time to air what's bothering me lately. They aren't just things but they are those people who are so dear to me. My family, who I may compare to a broken glass since mom and dad separated for how many times already, my brothers who seem to rebel probably because of the situation they are in, my hubby whom I know I've been hurting in so many ways as well as my son whom I neglected for a couple of months already. And I cast my blame for all of these to my very own self. I am self destructed which is why I can't handle them as smooth as it should be. I'm also battling with my own self since I’ve got so many plans and dreams in life that are still miles ahead of me.

While I am writing this post, my mind keeps on telling me that a grand vacation is what I really need. I wish to travel to places I never been yet. If only I could have a vacation leave instead of early resignation from work, I would probably be taking flight abroad. But that would mean there has to be a planned hotel where I can stay during my grand vacation.

Somehow, I feel the excitement that goes with the thought of getting a grand vacation. So I grabbed the mouse and found a good read about Hotel Reservations. This read uplifts my enthusiasm so I read thoroughly on what they have to offer. Guess what? A thrifty gal like me would be overwhelmed to grab their hotel discounts.

Who would believe this? Imagine a grand vacation like what I am wishing for is just a few clicks away, and this will in fact allows me to enjoy the great facilities of their hotels, resorts and many others.

I'll be spending with you, my ever wished grand vacation!