Tuesday, January 1, 2008

Wishing for a Car

I woke up at 10:00 in the morning because I slept late last night. I waited for the fireworks and the foods we have feasted on. I just wish it’s always Christmas and New Year hehehe. And since it’s already 2008, mom and dad are busy planning for things to invest this year. They talked about getting a motorcycle this year. But of course, they have considered first the cons and pros of having one, and come up with a final decision that they will be getting one early this year.

Mom and dad had a deal, and that is for dad, to always wear a helmet every time he rides the motorcycle. That’s what he promised mom, which is why mom was convinced to finally permit him on getting one. I’ve seen mom added the plan to her budget list.

Well, just like mom, I’m also longing for a car. Hope we could also get one in the future. I’m crossing my fingers to that. We must not lose hope because I know time will come that we will also be getting one. There are still ways for me to drive my dream car. The auto insurance, for instance, is now offered almost everywhere. So I told myself that after accomplishing our dream motorcycle, I’ll ask my hubby to have some talk on getting a car. It may take us years before we can get one. But at least, I am already planning for our future at this young age hehehe! car insurance can be of great help.

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