Tuesday, January 1, 2008

Disability Insurance

Hours before the New Year celebration, mom and dad left me at home to buy firecrackers and fireworks. When they arrived home, I checked what they have gotten for me and there I found some firecrackers that mom thought would be alright for kids like me. As we waited for the clock to tick on the number 12, mom had prepared all the fireworks so we will all welcome the year 2008 with cheers. But I fear anything that can cause me danger, so even if mom would tell me that it’s okay for me, I would not dare to hold any of them. I’m too young to be disabled, right.

Perhaps, mom knows that I really don’t want to get injured so she and dad were the ones that enjoy lighting the fireworks and firecrackers. But they have done that with precautions. Just like me, they also don’t want to get injured. Early in the morning after the celebration of New Year, mom started her day browsing the net. I noticed that she’s been searching for disability insurance information. She probably thought about the possibility of getting injured if people may continuously play the fireworks. Her search results to numerous topics about disability insurance. She is still the same mom I knew, who would think in advance on what to do next if something had happened. Well, she’s not wishing for any of mishaps to happen. She just wants to get ready of the possibilities. She further read on the disability insurance quotes. How about you? You may want to read on this as well. It’s for your own sake after all.