Tuesday, January 1, 2008

Ensure Your Life

I have always admired mom for being so caring, sweet and loving. As a matter of fact, she decided to get a life insurance and the beneficiary is no other than, but me. Dad reacted on her decision. Probably, he fears the thought of dying. Well, mom isn’t actually planning to get one. One day, one of our neighbors asked her to get a life insurance. That is an agent of one insurance company based in the city. But before mom was convinced, she asked the agent first if ever she could refund the money if time comes that she doesn’t want to pay the monthly fee. The agent assured her that mom can get the money anytime she wants. So what do you expect? Mom was convinced and they move on to the discussion of the term life insurance. After that, mom grabbed the offer.

During the deadline, the agent would often go to mom’s office to ask her the insurance fee. And that irritates her of course. Who wouldn’t be? Mom reacted that why can’t that agent just wait for her to go to their office besides it’s not a debt. It’s her personal contribution. So mom told her that next time she doesn’t have to go to their office to get the money. Maybe she doesn’t know what mom means to say by that. So the agent would always seem like holding the money every month. After a few months, mom finally decided to cut her contribution and requested for cash refund. And that was the time when mom found out that the agent was lying when she said that mom can get the money anytime she wants to. This time, the agent would tell mom that she cannot refund the money unless the contract is finished.

Mom promised herself to really think first for every decision she has to make. She seems left worthless every time she makes compulsive decisions. Not anymore, with what she found out, a new company can offer her great deals on life insurance. To make sure that everything is clear, she has to read first the life insurance quotes.