Tuesday, January 1, 2008

New Home Through Mortgages

Mom and dad decided to rent a house so the whole family can start on our own. However, they have realized that as years went by, we’ve been spending a lot for the rental fee, which is very much impractical. I heard them talking the other day that they want to seek for a company from which they could ask for assistance on mortgage. Perhaps, they are already planning to have our own house built.

And I saw mommy browsing the net where I think she had found a good read on the internet about
mortages. And since it will be their first time to ask for such kind of mortgage assistance, mom told dad that one of their requirements is that they must own a valued property before they can avail that offer. It’s just so timely because dad still doesn’t sell our lot in the province. So I’m pretty sure that they’ll be using it as the collateral.

Well, mom and dad are grateful enough to encounter such good offer. If you also want to understand more about it, better read through the article on
refinancing mortgages also the topics in their Mortgage loan blog. That is, if you want to change the way you live your life. It’s better to act now than later, hehehe!